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Oct. 16th--New Art from Mario & MURDERESS: The Winnie Ruth Judd Story-Oct 16th 10pm


On Oct. 16th we're having our Artist's preview Reception.
Renetto-Mario Etsitty has a solo show this month.

Also, at precisely 10:16pm this the same night, we will be showing (CA based professional film maker) Scott Coblio's
MURDERESS: The Winnie Ruth Judd Story!

If you only know Mario for his awesome culinary skills, then we HIGHLY recommend you come see why we also consider Mario one of the best pencil/conte/pastel artists in the Valley--to say nothing of his ceramic work.


This film is a fabulous original take on the infamous double homicide from PHX's in the 1920s.

I didn't mention yet, this is the actual night of the murders over 75 years ago!

(yes, that's right, its all done w/ puppets, but don't let that trick you into thinking this is some joke, Cobilo spent years researching and working on this movie, and while it is pulpy and kitschy, its also a dead on recounting of the events surrounding the mystery)

The reception for "Les Mots" is free, and we'll be asking 5 or 6 bucks for MURDERESS.
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